#EstherChallenge – FINALE (Day 10)

Hello Beautiful People !

It has been an AMAZING 10 days infested with so much knowledge and wisdom. I just want to give God all the glory for using the Esther Challenge as a platform to touch many. I thank you all for getting involved as well and sharing your wisdom! Let us remember that God’s word is an anchor that we can always hold onto. God is with our generation, let those that seek Him be the light in the darkness, continue to study and find your identity in His word.

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The story ends right where it began, but completely reversed. We have the same king and the same city we started with. But Vashti is no longer queen. Instead, a humble young Jewish girl, Esther is Queen. And proud Haman (Hitler) is no longer second in command, and his plan to annihilate the Jews led to his own destruction. Instead of Haman, the loyal Mordecai was raised up, bringing peace and prosperity to the Persian empire.

So who are you, Haman or Mordecai and Esther? None of us want to be a Haman. And yet we often act like him. Doing whatever it takes to get our plans moved forward, no matter who it hurts. Conniving, scheming, planning, plotting. Doing whatever we need to at work to make sure we get that promotion. Self-centred, revealing pride and arrogance. But as we have seen, pride comes before destruction.

We don’t want to be like that. We want to be like Esther and Mordecai. They simply did what was asked of them. They humbly and courageously went about their business, obeying God and doing what was right. And God, in His own timing and in His own way, raised them up to positions of honour and prominence that nobody could have ever imagined.

God will do that for you too, if you follow His ways, and wait for His timing, and trust Him with your life and your decisions.

That is the lesson of Esther. When God seems absent in your life, keep trusting Him to do what He has promised. If you remain humble and dependent upon Him, dying to self and living for Him, He will raise you up and bring honour and FAVOUR to you like you never imagined.

Esther Challenge


“Some of us are quick to deal with things in the natural when it’s a spiritual battle with both a spiritual victory and natural manifestation.”

– Let me expand on this statement: (Esther 3&4) Haman had a plot to wipe out the Jews, it is correct that Haman was in a prominent position but this position was never going to wipe out the sovereignty of God and His promises. So the ratio was 1: Alpha&Omega. Immediately Mordecai placed sack cloth and ashes (when this was done it usually illustrated humility and a sign of repentance). Thereafter Esther understood that naturally it was impossible to get the decree revoked, unless the hand of God was involved therefore leading her into Prayer and Fasting, it wasn’t her merely denying food but denying self, self strength and total reliance on a God that is all knowing. Sometimes in some situations all we need to do is deny ourselves be humble, seek His face and pray. (NO LONG TING) What can you do? You couldn’t even control the situation occurring so what more can you do? Be still and know He is God!

“Favour is the result of obedience and obedience is the result of being led by His spirit, Esther’s Beauty was not the result of favour.”

“Favour was gained when obedience was applied with prayer in faith.”

– Esther’s Favour wasn’t merely because of her beauty; if that was the principal in life then most of us would be much further than we are now. Kingdom favour holds this formula Obedience (+) Death (+) Submission (–) Flesh (%) By the word (+) The Holy Spirit (=) Favour. This is also the formula to knowing God and falling in love with Him, The scripture says

‘Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised (Favoured)’ (Proverbs 31:30).

– The formula above also shapes character and Esther was a woman of Character it’s one thing to be a woman that knows the word and speaks in tongues and knows all the great praise and worships songs but it’s another thing to be a woman that reflects the God she serves in character, speech and conduct. This is what Esther reflected, an all round woman of God, which got her praised in the end for the Lords Glory. Do your Character, Speech and Conduct reflect The Holy God?

Key things in the character of Esther

  • She was a woman of wisdom (Esther 2: 15) She sought advice concerning the king, from the kings eunuch. Smart and wise move! He was someone that was close to the king so this meant that he had an idea of what the king liked etc. Do you seek advice from people who have their heart set on Christ? photo (12)
  • She was willing to listen and to submit (Esther 4:12- 15) She heard the words of her uncle and was obedient to hear that it was not just her uncle speaking but there was also a purpose to her position. Do you listen? Do you see the bigger picture when God highlights something?
  • A woman of Prayer – (Esther 4:16) immediately Esther looked at the situation as one that only God can handle. There is power in prayer! How is your prayer life? Prayer is not a 15 minute moment to flirt with His presence but it’s an intimate time to know Him, be like Him, and be led by Him. Your prayer life is the foundation to your purpose in life.
  • A woman of strategy (Esther 5&6) Note Esther didn’t go with all guns blazing, she was very strategic and sober in how she dealt with the matter, she was sensitive to what was happening and also gave room for God to do what He needed to do (Esther 6:1-3). Do you follow this trait?

These were key things that I had found so that we can actually reflect upon doing this challenge, I pray it blesses yall. Bless you Kanayo for being obedient and allowing this opportunity for us to share. – @SusanDeborahs

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One thought on “#EstherChallenge – FINALE (Day 10)

  1. I really enjoyed your word on faith coming by hearing and hearing the word of God. I just wanted to bless you by saying that hearing the word of God is not necessarily physical hearing but rather, gathering your thoughts and letting your inner voice speak of the word of God. Your inner thought are what make you who you are, so if you speak the word in your heart, it will grow stronger in your real life and you will be one with the word and your faith is a result of that feeding your attention on the word.

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