Live, Eat & Heat – Beijing 2013

Ni Hao! Looool. 

Living RoomEn suite bedroomDay 2 in Beijing and I feel like I have been here for much longer. The people are lovely and the other interns are really cool. There are 107 interns from all over the world doing an internship (for the July intake) within various industries/sectors in Beijing. My housemates are Louisa from Austria and Melanie from Australia, both are awesome to chill and live with. I’m staying in East Apartments Chaoyang, 朝阳区. Absolutely love it, very homey and looks like somewhere I would love to live in when I’m older (pre-family making loool).


The weather in Beijing is HOTTTTTT! As in, I believe it surpasses the heat in Nigeria with highs of 36 degrees. Here we don’t use umbrellas for rain, they are used as a shade. I suspect that my arms have gone 5 shades darker. 

ImageChopsticks have become my friend as one must eat to survive even in the absence of common knife and fork loool. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, I’ll be a pro in no time! The food is really good, still yet to taste a wider variety, although I am super cautious of eating unusual stuff like pig’s feet…prayer is certainly involved before every meal.
ImageLast night there were flash mobs everywhere in the city centre. Different types; ball room dancers (see left), skippers, roller blade people. I initially thought that they perhaps didn’t have halls large enough  to practice their dancing, either way, they looked awesome, I slyly wanted to join in.
ImageThis morning I went for our welcome meeting at Sea Food and Dumpling halls. It was fun meeting all the other interns and learning a bit of mandarin. I’ll show off my skills through an instagram video later on 🙂 The air was super thick today, not unexpected in a city of 23 million people. So us ladies came prepared with our masks. My mum gave me a whole bunch…the perks of having a mum that is a midwife.
I love you mama, if you’re reading this. Anyways, there are a few more pictures below, and I’ll be back again later.
Frankie and I (below)
Frankie and I
Anna and I
Wo ai ni 我爱你。
K x

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