Why don’t we listen?
Two ears and one mouth are what we were given…so why don’t we listen?
Endless noise and mindless chatter.
listeningSometimes sound and some times foolish. The latter is futile; of no use, cos’ out of the same mouth we spit curses and yet sing praises to God.
And into the same ears we absorb filthy songs Monday to Saturday and the ‘tear jerking’ sermon on a Sunday.
Listen! Not through our physical ears, for even the deaf can here when God speaks. He speaks to the ears of our hearts. Whispers unto further understanding of His truth and glory.
We sing ‘Open the eyes of my heart Lord’, but I’m proposing this remix, ‘Open the EARS of my heart Lord’.
Listen to His word, unchanging, provoking, inerrant and infallible.
He that has an ear let him hear what The Spirit is saying.
He started the conversation first, so LISTEN.
My Journal Entry
Kanayo x


5 thoughts on “Listen!

  1. he started the conversation first so listen….I absolutely loved this..Your tweet challenged me to get committed to keeping my journal.

  2. Even the deaf can hear when God speaks…WOW!!!
    Lord open the ears of my heart!
    Thank you sis for this beautiful text xx

  3. I have to say, I too liked the line: “He started the conversation first, so listen.” God has blessed you with a gift for words. Thank you for sharing.

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