Day 8 – #JosephChallenge

Read: Genesis 43 and Genesis 44
You Are Necessary

The fact that Jacob’s sons went to Egypt for a second time, shows how desperate they were for provisions. Jacob proved himself as man of integrity by telling his sons to take extra money for the previous purchase. He didn’t try to get away with it. A reputation for money is nothing compared to a reputation for honesty.

CLqph90WcAELO4LWhat is striking is that God met their need before they even had the need. He allowed for Joseph to go ahead of them and be well-positioned in Egypt. Without Josephs’ struggles, the envy from his brothers, his journey, his obedience and his gifting from God; his family would have had no one to go to, or would have been at a serious disadvantage in terms of what they would have received in Egypt. Joseph and all that he went through were necessary for the preservation of his family. You and all that you have been through and will go through are necessary for the preservation of this generation.

Moreover, Joseph, an emotional human like us, had a choice. He could have used his power to vent and severely punish his brothers for their previous offences, but He didn’t. He chose to use his power legitimately in the eyes of God. He chose to serve them despite his position.

Some may say that Joseph was wrong for planting his silver cup in Benjamin’s bag, but I urge you to look at the bigger picture. His intention was not to bring harm, but to be reconciled with his ‘full’ brother. Moreover, this scenario was a test of character for Judah who promised his father that he would protect Benjamin. The same Judah that initiated the plan to sell Joseph in Genesis 37, was the same Judah who was willing to lay his life down for his younger brother. This clear change in attitude would have been crucial in convincing Joseph that his brothers had changed for the better.

Let’s summarise today’s reading with a few questions and encouraging words:
What are you doing with the power and resources that you possess? Do you use them for God? Do you use them to serve others, even those that have offended you?

Is there something that you desperately need? Trust that God has already covered your need before you even saw it as a need. Use the experience of Jacob and his sons as a point of reference to remind and encourage yourself that God has it all covered.

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