“This Is Your Life” – Interview with MoChunks and a Post-interview reflection piece

It was so wonderful to sit down with my sister Queen Mo and literally review defining moments of my life so far. I felt like I was on that show “This is your life” 😝

In my 27 years I have been through so much, achieved remarkable things, and grown into the beautiful woman of excellence that I am ever so proud of.

That I pursue excellence doesn’t mean that I have never failed. It means that I make a deliberate decision to partner with God concerning every area of my life, especially the imperfect moments.

I pray that as you watch the interview that you are encouraged and inspired. I can’t lie to you, watching it back, I was like I’d wanna know that woman… but I’d want to know her God even more!

Set your alarm, watch part one and part two of the interview below. Mo is an excellent interviewer, diligent in all she does, I am Honoured by her love, and her sharing her platform with me. Make sure you like comment and subscribe to ‘MoChunksTV.

I am so grateful for the people in my corner, those who have stood with me in every season. You know who you are and I love you.

“We have an obligation to tell what we learned, how it felt, what we know and what we don’t know”

T.D. Jakes

Part one was received so well. Over 3,000 views on YT: MoChunksTV (@mochunkstv) in a under 24 hours. Part two is due to blow your minds! @mochunks sophisticatedly digs deep as we discuss relationships, career excellence & more

Without saying too much, I am so grateful that I took the time to heal, refocus and repurpose my time and energy. I would not be the woman that I am today if not for certain experiences, and certainly not if everything went to ‘my fallible plan’, in comparison to God’s awesome and perfect plan for me and all concerned.

What many don’t know about that period of public heartbreak (circa 2015), is that I struggled to hold it all together. Yet, God kept me and graced me for the many layers of shame that I silently passed through; with my loyal close ones as my support system. From mutual friendships suffering greatly due to betrayal (whether minor or grand), to the callous nature of social media and fellow Christians void of empathy.

My response then and my response now, remains committed to being GRACEFUL, even though I fell short on many occasions. I want GRACE to be every single viewers’ response. We must allow people to evolve, we must recognise that we can grow out of certain situations. And yes, we hold people and ourselves accountable for all actions, but we cannot deny that God’s Grace and Mercy is enough to transform us from the person that we were ‘X’ years ago.

Moment of Reflection

Grace looks like accepting God’s forgiveness.

Grace looks like forgiving others.

Grace looks like forgiving yourself.

Grace looks like saying sorry.

Grace can look like releasing, letting go.

Grace can look like reconciling, restoring.

Grace isn’t shady.

Grace isn’t slandering.

Grace does not intentionally cause hurt.

We are blessed with the brilliant capacity to grow and evolve into everything that God has called us to be. He gives us the grace to do so, regardless of our past. To deny that grace over anyone, is to deny the power of God to change us.

As much as we have been hurt in the past, we can acknowledge that we have hurt other people and still do! I appreciate the fact that I have a sizeable platform (which started from zero oh lool!) and therefore, I have to ensure that I am a good steward of this platform.

The reflective and ethical psychologist in me also appreciates that sensitive parts of my incredible interview with Mo would have been a challenging watch for some involved. Though no names were mentioned, I must acknowledge and express my sincere apologies to anyone for whom the interview caused any unintended harm or distress. I held space and shared my experiences in the measured way that I knew how and I am grateful for the opportunity to have done so after a considerable period of time.

Particularly in the area of heartbreak, I’m a different woman to the one I was back then. I understand my faith so much better, I have been through so much more and I have grown. The grace I understood back then is different to the one I know now. As I transparently shared in my famous 2016 post “Hearts may break but they also heal”, the bitterness, pettiness, dishonouring remarks definitely shone through during that season…I’m human, yet, I am a Christian. I say this because I do not want anyone to hold me to as the standard of grace or perfection, far from it. I am real and I recognise that I NEED Jesus in every sphere of my life to represent Him authentically well.

In the same way that I have grown, I also expect that others involved have also grown into incredible honourable people and we thank God for that. He makes everything beautiful in its time. Sometimes the journey is messy and painful due to our own human failings. Sometimes the route is uncomfortable. Sometimes we have to shoot our shot, but in it all, we GROW.

We discussed so much in the interview that we had to have two parts! Of course the interview is not an exhaustive detailed overview of my experiences with heartbreak, health, academic and career progression. I share more on doctorkanayo.com, especially in my 2016 post “Hearts may break but they also heal”, an open and transparent self-reflection of my own shortcomings during that period of my life; which were not amplified during the interview.

Thank you to all those who watched gracefully. You are amazing. Here’s to more Love, Peace & Growth.

Love, K x

2 thoughts on ““This Is Your Life” – Interview with MoChunks and a Post-interview reflection piece

  1. Thank God for you Kanayo! I watched the interview then came here to read ‘Hearts may break but they also heal’ and I’ve been really encouraged as I am going through a broken Christian courtship. I love how God has helped you and grown you, its beautiful and encouraging to see. Thank you for sharing and for being a great example of grace.

    1. Aww amen! God Bless you hun and Thank You for watching the interview and reading my post. I am sorry that you are going through a difficult time, yet, I am grateful that you have been encouraged by my post. I pray that indeed the Lord heals your heart completely and that you will grow through this experience. Lots of love, Kanayo xxx

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