Doctorate in Education (EdD) – Reflections

In this post I share my 'A' graded reflective statement on the first year of my EdD at UCL, Institute of Education. It is a personal and informative account of my experience and would be a great read for anyone who is interested in furthering their studies at this level; particularly my fellow teachers and action-researchers. I am transparent and critically review my experience, including the challenges so that this can be used as a learning resource and reference point for all academics.

Women Of Worth Goes To Uni

An old (September 2013) video with a timeless message. Do watch and be encouraged if you are in university or going to university. 'You will have a greater purpose at your university than just obtaining a degree'   JOIN ME AT THE UNIVERSITY POWER CONFERENCE FOR CURRENT UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND PROSPECTIVE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. 29/08/2015 LONDON … Continue reading Women Of Worth Goes To Uni