Upcoming Events in April and Vocal Workshops in May

Hi Everyone!
I hope you’re all well! I have a few events that I’d like to invite you to for the month of April in chronological order.
If you have any upcoming Christian events you’d like me to share on my blog, please email kanayo@doctorkanayo.com with a press release and a poster.
The Relationship Toolbox
The Relationship Toolbox
Theme: 10 Reasons why it doesn’t work and 10 Tools to fix it
Date: Saturday 12th April, 2014
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Ithaca House, 27 Romford Road, Stratford, London. E15 4LJ
Tickets: Tickets are free if you register online, £5 at the door!
Whether you are in a romantic relationship, friendship, or familyship, whatever ship of relations you may be in, this is an event for you…
Everyone enters a relationship believing that it will turn out well and last forever, either we remain close siblings, best buddies for life or get married… or so we think….
Most people usually start off relationships well-intending, BUT, unfortunately, almost everyone has suffered the loss of a friendship/relationship for one reason or another, and for quite a lot of us its been one too many and very unexpected…but what goes wrong? and Why does this happen and keep happening?
At our up-coming relationship toolbox event we will discuss this matter in terms of all types of relationships from romantic relationships to general friendships.
And it is certain that you will leave this event better equipped and knowledgeable about the psychology of relationships and living life knowing how best to deal with those you relate to in life for the best.
We have a live performance by SGJP and a few other upcoming christian talents.
We will also feature Carole Agoro (Gospel Explosion),  Ify Alexis (Love limitless) and Lao K among others!
Refreshments will be available on the day.
For more information, Please Follow Rock Solid Relationships: Twitter @RockSolidHOL, Insta @rocksolidrelationships, Facebook @ Rock Solid Relationships
Date: 19th April 2014
Time: 12pm
Venue: University of East London, Main lecture theatre, Docklands campus, University Way, London, E16 2RD
Check out the Facebook Event Page
Believers LoveWorld UK presents Easter youth V.I.B.E.S Hosted at UEL Docklands campus
  • Dance
  • Live Music
  • Rap
  • Poetry
  • Theatre production entitled “Easter from the other side” and much more!



To purchase early bird tickets, use this link – https://eventbrite.co.uk/e/gifted-expressions-tickets-10811307913

Are you a young person who is passionate and serious about Christ?
Have you had deep thoughts about how your ‘Giftings’ and ‘Talents’ are meant to impact the world around you?
Do you currently have an expression of ministry, preparing to start something or wondering what you can do? 
Are you asking questions about your calling and specific purpose within the body of Christ and your role in the kingdom in these times? 
Would you like to find out how you are meant to fit into the body of Christ purposefully alongside other believers?
Ever wondered how you can grow and mature in the use of your ministry gift(s) and ministry?
Do you realise that your giftings are not meant to stand alone?
Would you like to meet -up with other young ministers who’d most probably answer yes to most of the previous questions…?
Well if so, The young ministers breakfast is a meeting you need to be at….


Why…? Well, a group of young ministers under the HOLA (House of Lights Ambassadors) are burdened about what we as young people are doing for the Kingdom especially in the UK. There is alot of talk about Kingdom, but not so much action and we want to do something about it. 
What are we doing, you ask…? We are calling out to you in these last days, to be part of those who will turn things around for good, for the sake of Christ. 
This is not a youth event or rally, this is solely for those of you who believe you have a calling and want to do much more than you are right now and/or be more effective with what you are already doing.
Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us for breakfast on Sat. April 26th @ 9:30am. Yes its early, but it’ll be worth it… Come and hear more about how we can be better equipped as young ministers/ ministers-in-the-making. There will also be an opportunity to network and meet other like-minded individuals, as well as encourage and inspire each other as we seek out God’s will and not to forget, there will be breakfast.
This has never been done before in our generation, and its more than about time. We are not concerned what ministry you’re under, except that you love the Lord and want to see His will come to pass in your life for our generation.
If this sounds like you, don’t miss out… God needs us to act and time is running out, lets make it happen brothers and sisters.
We hope to see you early on Saturday morning….
BOOK YOUR FREE TICKET HERE: youngministersbreakfast.eventbrite.com
God Bless 
Knowing Who You Are As Lady in God. We will be dealing with issues that young women face in everyday life. Our goal is to Inform, Guide, encourage, equip and Inspire young women to recognise their full potential through their God given talents.
Check out the Facebook event page
Date: April 26th 2014
Venue: KLM, 11 Bruce Grove, N17 6UR
Time: 5pm
We All Want The Good of the Land in Life especially Young Women. We Want God Fearing Husband, Good Career, We want to be Women of Substance and the list goes on and on. But then again We don’t Want to Sacrifice Our Time For God. We always have some Kind of Excuses.
Remember God is not Interested in your ABILITY rather He’s interested in your AVAILABILITY. I want All young Women Out there to know that All those temporary Stuff we are Chasing After will become Meaningless one day. When all you are Chasing after Fails, ask yourself is it Not this same God you would RUN after? To Retain the Crown of Honour as a woman, you need to have time for God.

The workshops will cover: 

Techniques on effective breathing whiles singing
How to feel confident on stage and in front of an audience  Developing a rapport with your audience Coping with the ‘nerves’ and ‘stress’ and much more
photo 1We have a team of Professionals, who are ready to elevate you to your next level!! So are you ready to SING YOUR HEART OUT? Start date: Monday 19th May 2014 ends Monday 16th June 2014
Facebook Event Page
Borough Studios222 Borough High Street, SE1 1JX London
£25 per Session
£100 for 5 week Session


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