You’re invited for a buffet…FREE FOOD!

Don’t you love food? Isn’t it even better when it’s free and tastes real good!? I love food and I get hungry like every 5 minutes lol. 

When you’re hungry it’s only right that you deal with that hunger lest your stomach embarrasses you with growling or even worse you get ill. This is in the physical. We’re very quick to draw for that correct portion of rice and stew with assorted meat, coupled with water or Supermalt to quench our thirst and our body is satisfied. 
But what about our Spirit-man? You know the spirit given to us by God, living inside our vessels. What do we do when the Spirit-man is hungry? Does He get hungry at all? 
The Spirit-man is ALWAYS hungry but oftentimes you and I don’t realise it because we’re satisfied with where we are at in our walk with Christ. We think that we’ve landed, we’ve arrived and that this is the peak. How wrong are we! 
You know how I said our stomach embarrasses us when we get too hungry or we get sick when we fail to deal with our hunger or thirst.  What do you think happens in the spiritual when we don’t deal with our hunger for God or aren’t even hungry for Him at all? You get sick with a disease I call; ‘desensitisation and dehydration’. The former causes you to become so accustomed to your present position and desensitised to God’s desire to see you fulfill His purpose for you in FULL! The latter causes life’s problems to DEHYDRATE you, when you aren’t drawing from the Living Water provided by Jesus. (John 4:14)

The enemy has tapped into this area for many believers. He will make you feel content with where you are, to stop you from aspiring and striving to get to where God wants you to be. Now you might be reading this feeling like that zeal you once had has gone and asking, how do I get hungry in my Spirit again? 
Hunger comes when you realise the magnitude of what you can have IN God. At a buffet when you know there is more food, there is always hunger and a desire for more even when you think you’re full up! It’s the same with God, know that there is more and desire for more. You can never be too full when it comes to God. Stop being satisfied with mediocrity or a relationship with God that only exists on Sundays, strive for more! (Hebrews 6:1-2)

Hunger comes when you stop filling up on rubbish. Stop looking for other things, distractions, and worldly pleasures to fill the hole that only God can fill. We become so full of this ‘extra’ junk that we lose our hunger for God. In the physical when we eat too much junk we clog up our arteries, it’s the same in the spiritual. When you fill yourself up with the junk of the world, you clog up the passage and give little or no room for your spiritual food to pass through, be absorbed and digested.
After a serious workout at the gym what is the one thing that most of us like to do? EAT! Hunger comes when you exercise.  To exercise means to work, apply, use, keep fit. Are you exercising our Spirit? Do you do things that cause the Spirit-Man in you to workout…are you labouring and sweating for God’s Kingdom? When you exercise in God’s Kingdom, you will be HUNGRY for more of Him; because that is the only way you will get the strength that you need to continue.
So , are you ready to have that buffet in the Spirit? If you are then remember these three things:

  • There is always more to have in God. You can never be too full, because even when your cup is ‘full’, God wants it to OVERFLOW! (Psalm 23:5)
  • Get rid of the junk food and make room for The Living Word and Bread of Life…Jesus.
  • Exercise your faith, work for God’s Kingdom…you’ll definitely be hungry after that workout!
— Kanayo Dike-Oduah
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