The Wisdom Of The Cactus Plant

What makes a plant grow – The seed or the environment?

Think about it, a seed will remain a seed if it isn’t placed in an environment that is conducive to it’s growth. Some seeds are placed in harsh environments, but there is still something in that environment that gives them the push and resources to grow. For example; plants in the desert, which store plenty of water when it rains and continuously absorb sunlight. Some seeds are placed in awesome environments; great light, h2o in abundance even some extra plant food under the care of a great farmer.

The fact is, a seed will remain a seed if it isn’t placed in an environment conducive to it’s growth. A seed will remain a seed if it hasn’t stored up resources to help it grow in the harsh conditions.

ALL of us have seeds of greatness planted in us, but sometimes the environment that we place ourselves in, do not give room for growth. And even when we find ourselves in harsh environments, we fail to cling onto the very thing that pushes us to grow in spite of the environment…because, we haven’t STORED up God’s word like the desert plants store up their water (I have hidden your word in my heart – Psalm 119:11).

“The farmers responsibility is not to make the seed grow. His responsibility is to nurture the environment for which the seed will grow in.”

It is not our responsibility to make the seeds God has placed in us grow. We can’t scream at ourselves saying ‘I command the seed of greatness in me to grow’ and fail to do anything about our environment for it to grow. Faith without works (action) is absolutely dead in that scenario (James 2:17). 

I’ve got a plant called Bobbi (don’t judge me for naming my plant lool) and I have to place her by my window for light nurture her with water to create an environment for growth! It’s the same with ourselves. We must change the environments that inhibit our potential to grow because we need room to bloom.

When you find yourself in harsh environments that look discouraging to the human eye. You know, when the showers of blessings seems to have dried up or when you’re in a dark situation, where your faith feels like it is being suppressed. You have to draw upon the light of God’s word so that you can photosynthesize and grow, you have to draw upon the storage of living water, through your relationship with Him, through prayer, fellowship and His word. But you cannot draw upon something that you haven’t stored.

You need to start storing God’s word in your heart. It is the lamp unto your feet, it is the light that aids photosynthesis for you to grow, it is dependable and it is your anchor.

‘In every high and stormy gale, My anchor holds within the veil’ – Cornerstone, Hillsong

In every situation, good or bad, in every harsh environment. Let the Word of God be your anchor, let it keep you grounded and rooted.

To find out more about reading your Bible and the benefits – check out my Help…I have Bible reading issues post for some guidance.

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4 thoughts on “The Wisdom Of The Cactus Plant

  1. Gurl you are right where I’m at with this Cactus! The Holy Spirit placed on my heart to study a Cactus according to the word of God!! May God bless you!!!

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