The Pursuit #Relationship101

This is the number one relationship rule.
Pursue God, not your (future) Partner. Worship God and not your (future) relationship.
The gap between our love for God and our partners should be massive.
Be hidden in Christ. So to find you, they gotta find Christ first! So to pursue you, they gotta pursue Christ first!
Hidden with Christ in God is where your purposes will meet. #WhenPurposeMeetsPurpose
If you can’t see the video, then watch it here! Or read my brief analogy below:
Triangle analogy: God is at the centre and the peak, and as both individuals pursue God, they naturally come together! God needs to be at the centre and peak of every relationship. He is the #RelationshipGoal! Your pursuit of God will cause your relationship to blossom. Put Him FIRST! – Kanayo 


Listen to Jaye Thomas – Pursuit of You! Perfect song!

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