House of Commons, Parliament – Great Debate Finale

I spent yesterday evening in the House of Commons, Parliament for the Great Debate Finale. What a fantastic experience!

It was humbling and inspiring to be in a room of leaders and FUTURE leaders. Inspired to do more, Inspired to be more and Inspired to inspire. The dichotomy of success within the Black community in particular is disappearing. Despite the media constantly refusing to vocalise and promote the achievements of young people, everyday I see our drive, determination and passion to break away from the negative stereotypes.

The constants that are in my life are God and the inevitability of CHANGE. Things, life, people, situations are always changing hence why we need to learn to adapt, but more importantly we need to learn to actively CHANGE the things we are not happy about. That is what I really took home from the event at the Commons, regardless of what we think about Politics we need to be become more politically aware, because CHANGE for a Nation lies within those buildings and with those leaders.

Having said that, we cannot put all our hopes and trust in Politicians and their respective manifestos because they are fallible. What we can do is strive to become FUTURE LEADERS that will champion the views and ideas of the socially neglected.

A few wise words from Reverend Rose the Commons Chaplin,

No limitations rule my effort,

I will excel, I will achieve,

I must not settle for less,

I have the potential for greatness

So, do not allow others to set standards for you, rather set the standards for yourselves.

No limitations, keep striving. We can all do this with masses of work and God (Faith & Works – James 2:17

God bless you!

– Kanayo Dike-Oduah

2 thoughts on “House of Commons, Parliament – Great Debate Finale

  1. As always, very wise Kanayo! Continue to fly the flag for all those great young minds out there.

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