Living Waters Challenge

Hey to all the ladies out there and maybe gentlemen.

We (Kanayo & Susan) have teamed up to do a challenge this month in celebration of the release of ‘Living Waters’ written by Susan Deborah’s at the end of this month.

This month’s challenge is going to be very different and m interactive because we would like to create a forum where everyone can be honest and transparent; so that we can help each other grow.

Living Waters is a book based on John 4 about a Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at the well. God graced me with the creativity to expand on the story and explore her life before she met Christ and look at her life after she had met Christ to emphasise the impact of an encounter with Christ.

Now this woman wasn’t any woman, she was a woman with issues, she had been married five times and the man that she was with wasn’t even her husband. I don’t know about you but alarms start to ring when someone gets married more than three times in this day and age, it really starts to expose instability, dissatisfaction and loneliness just to name a few.

This woman was a woman in need of divine attention that no man was able to give to her. Her issue was not the fact that nobody loved her; the issue was not whether she could find the one. The issue was she needed something that went beyond a human hand. This was something that God had to step in for and by grace she encountered Christ and then stepped into purpose and identity.

Now, we may not have five husbands but those five husbands can represent different issues that we battle with on a daily basis. Struggles are not wrong to have until we refuse to face it and deal with it.

Now in this challenge, we are going to be looking at five prime issues that plague us from day to day, we will be looking at a prime issue every week for four weeks.
We will be sharing scriptures daily, experiences with each other on how we overcame those issues to encourage other people that might be facing the same thing.

For Week one we will be uncovering Self-Esteem and Insecurity . So we will explore this topic for one week.

Make sure throughout the challenge you tag #LWChallenge, You can email any notes or testimonials you would like to share via:

Tweet us individually:
Susan: @susandeborahs
Kanayo: @doctorkanayo

The aim of this challenge is to share our shortcomings to help to build others. They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (Revelation 12:11 NIV)


Your sisters,

Susan and Kanayo 🙂

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