Living Waters by Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs is a young woman full of vibrancy and keenness to inspire and motivate. She stands despite having faced many ordeals, and incorporates those experiences with one of the most fascinating characters in the Bible—the Woman at the well (John 4)—in her latest project, Living Waters. "I wanted to make this character as real … Continue reading Living Waters by Susan Deborahs

Husband of Depression

Hello Beautiful People! Our main scripture is taken from John 4:1-42. Please read it for further understanding. John 4 is about a Samaritan woman who had an encounter with Jesus at the well. Now this woman wasn’t just any woman, she was a woman with issues, she had been married five times and the man that … Continue reading Husband of Depression

Husband of Insecurity

Hello Beautiful People! Its amazing to see so many of you on board with the Living Waters Challenge (#LWChallenge). Its a continuation of our Bible Challenge series so I'd encourage you to do the #RuthChallenge or the #EstherChallenge! Remember to use our hashtag #LWChallenge and email with your notes/comments for the blog! The Living … Continue reading Husband of Insecurity

Living Waters Challenge

Hey to all the ladies out there and maybe gentlemen. We (Kanayo & Susan) have teamed up to do a challenge this month in celebration of the release of ‘Living Waters’ written by Susan Deborah's at the end of this month. This month’s challenge is going to be very different and m interactive because we … Continue reading Living Waters Challenge