Dealing with gossip from the root | ‘He said, She said’

Gossip; Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true. Have you ever been accused of gossip? Ever had your words taken out of context and spread as gossip? Have you ever accused someone of gossiping or of saying something that didn't sit right with you? … Continue reading Dealing with gossip from the root | ‘He said, She said’

A justified oxymoron

A united spirit within a group is often attained at the expense of another. Affirming in-group biases to further dissociate ones-self from the out-group. How are Christians supposed to differ in this regard...?Holy Communion. The phrase itself is a justified oxymoron. We are brought together with one thing in common, Christ, but at the same time … Continue reading A justified oxymoron