Day 6 – #JosephChallenge – The Function of Your God-given Gift

DAY 6 Read: Genesis 41, Proverbs 18:16 and 1 Corinthians 2:14 Your Gift The magicians and ‘wise men’ could not understand Pharaoh’s troubling dream. Some people can’t understand your problems, trials, dreams (positive and negative) because they only operate by human logic and do not depend on God for His wisdom. We must be cautious … Continue reading Day 6 – #JosephChallenge – The Function of Your God-given Gift

Day 5 – #JosephChallenge

DAY 5 Read: Genesis 40 and 1 Corinthians 2:14 Point to God The Chief Cupbearer and the Baker would have been trusted workers in Pharaoh’s Palace; responsible for his food and drink. They were the ones who would taste Pharaoh’s meals before he ate, just in case there was any poison or influence of black … Continue reading Day 5 – #JosephChallenge

Day 4 – #JosephChallenge

DAY 4 Read: Genesis 39, Matthew 25:23 and 2 Timothy 2:22-24 Favour ‘The Lord was with Joseph and He was a successful man’. The Favour of God brings success. The Favour of God makes you stand out. The Favour of God gets you noticed! The people around Joseph were blessed because God was with Him. … Continue reading Day 4 – #JosephChallenge

Day 3 – #JosephChallenge

DAY 3 Read: Genesis 37:18-36 and Psalm 1:1 (Amplified Version) Blessings have consequences Jealousy is such a subtle yet vicious killer and many believers are murderers in their hearts because of it. How can you genuinely support your friend if you are ruled by envy? Thank God for the ‘one’ brother, Reuben, who spoke up! … Continue reading Day 3 – #JosephChallenge

#JosephChallenge Introduction

An 11 day bible challenge to read the chapters in the book of Genesis concerning the account of Joseph. This challenge focuses on; identity, favour, integrity, jealousy and forgiveness. Bible challenges go beyond reading, as we share our understanding. So, as you complete the plan, hashtag #JosephChallenge on social media to share your thoughts. reading #JosephChallenge Introduction

#SamsonChallenge – Day Six FINALE (See Your Top Tweets Here)!

#SamsonChallenge - Day Six FINALE Read: Judges 16:23-31, Hebrews 11:32-34, 1 John 1:9 Samson was blessed with this gift of strength from God, but he used this special gift for selfish purposes, to carry out acts of personal vengeance. In today’s Church, God has blessed its members with various gifts, abilities and skills and in … Continue reading #SamsonChallenge – Day Six FINALE (See Your Top Tweets Here)!

#SamsonChallenge – Day Five

#SamsonChallenge - Day Five Read: Judges 16:1-22 and Proverbs 21:19 Although we talked about Samson being real with God in the previous chapter, after reading the beginning of this chapter, we can deduce that perhaps Samson wasn’t real with God about everything. Was Samson still hurting from his betrayal and heartbreak, after his Philistine … Continue reading #SamsonChallenge – Day Five

#SamsonChallenge – Day Four

#SamsonChallenge - Day Four Read: Judges 15 After reading this chapter, I think it is safe to say that Samson had anger problems. ‘An eye for an eye’ was the business back then, literally, ‘do me, I do you’. Samson was extremely cheeky and prideful in the way that He dealt with the Philistines. Let’s … Continue reading #SamsonChallenge – Day Four