Feeling Discouraged?

(Thank you Pastor Gina Elmes of Family Church, for this word) Discouragement is the loss of confidence or enthusiasm, feeling let down and disappointed even crushed. When we allow these feelings to settle in our heart we can begin to question God’s love and plan for us. Can we really trust Him? Am I alone … Continue reading Feeling Discouraged?

The Critics

Can I be real with you? Last week I felt super discouraged.  You know when you're being discouraged on all sides, people are criticising your every move and it even feels like a crime to breathe...loool extreme, I know. But you get the point. It just wasn't a great feeling.  But you know what I do … Continue reading The Critics

Tribute to my dear Ify

On Saturday 23rd February 2013, I lost someone so special to me. My cousin, who was my sister and my friend. I have never seen death or had death this close. That day my heart was literally torn apart and I was angry. Watching the paramedics who did everything they could trying to resuscitate her, I touched … Continue reading Tribute to my dear Ify

Praise Will Not Replace Your Prayer

I'm one of those people who have always said that I prefer praise and worship to praying for long periods of time. Now I battle about the etiology of my preference; is it because I can sing OR, is it because of my cultural background and how I have been exposed to prayer. To be honest, … Continue reading Praise Will Not Replace Your Prayer