Grace yourself

We use and hear the phrase ‘brace yourself’ which is said to have evolved from the verb form of ‘brace’: “To make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support". ‘Brace’ then evolved to "brace yourself" which translates to doing something physically to keep yourself from falling over or being … Continue reading Grace yourself

Devotional Journals Easter Sale

Perfect Peace and The Secret Place devotional journals £8 + postage and packaging each, until Tuesday 18th April 2017. Order yours via Amazon, using the links below. (Regular price is £10+pp, so enjoy the 20% off during this Holy Week of Easter 2017) Perfect Peace Devotional Journal (Purchase here) The Secret Place Devotional Journal (Purchase … Continue reading Devotional Journals Easter Sale

Mental Illness: Demons or Dopamine? Psychological or Spiritual?

As a student of Psychology at the University of Surrey (I am now an Alumnus) and a Christian, the debates surrounding mental illness are unending between the two dichotomous yet unified concepts. I think what fuels the debate even more for me, is coming from a Nigerian background. I love my country, but we have … Continue reading Mental Illness: Demons or Dopamine? Psychological or Spiritual?