Psychology of Gaslighting: How to Respond in Faith – Devotional

‘Gaslighting’ is a complex, nuanced term that many have experienced or perpetuated. If you have ever been made to question the validity of your faith, your perception of reality, your lived experiences and feelings; you may have been a victim of gaslighting. In a grace-resistant world full of post-truths, we must learn how to deal with gaslighting by returning to the Truth of God’s Word.

You Will Be Attacked

What I put out there is open for public consumption, scrutiny and sharing. My experience was awful, devastating and incredibly raw. The images of my experience with this rare Stevens-Johnson syndrome are raw, vulnerable and graphic.

Upcoming Christian Events | October – December 2016

Hey guys, the end of 2016 is fast approaching there are incredible Christian events lined up in the last 3 months of the year. See their respective details below, in chronological order - I hope to see some of you there xx   Restoring Purity Conference Saturday 7th October Tickets via eventbrite or on the door! Pure … Continue reading Upcoming Christian Events | October – December 2016